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The heritage café bistro (breakfast)


5 item breakfast 


Choose any 5 breakfast items includes 1toast and a small hot drink


The heritage traditional English 


2bacon 2sausage 1egg beans and tomato black pudding, includes 2toast and a small hot drink


The heritage big one  


3sausage 2bacon 2eggs black pudding beans and tomato mushrooms and 2toast includes large hot drink


Vegetarian breakfast  

£3.75 (v)

2vegetarian sausage 1hash brown 1egg mushrooms beans and tomato and 2toast includes small hot drink


The healthy one  


2grilled bacon, dry fried mushrooms, 1egg, grilled tomato, beans and 2 wholemeal toast, includes fresh juice or small hot drink


The famous oatcake breakfast tower  


3 oatcakes filled and layered with bacon and cheese and beans then sausage tomato and mushrooms and topped with a fried egg includes small hot drink


Hot sandwiches

(available on fresh cut white or wholemeal bread)

1 filling £1.50

2 fillings £1.80

3 fillings £2.10

(available on a large Bap add 25p extra)


Homemade soup of the day 


Delicious homemade soup of the day served with warm fresh baked crusty bread


Traditional staffordshire oatcakes  


1 filling x2 £1.50

2 fillings x2 £2.00

3 fillings x2 £2.50

Fillings are bacon, sausage, cheese, mushrooms, beans, tomato, black pudding, egg, hash brown


3 egg Omelettes

(Served with crisp side salad or beans and tomato)

Plain and simple £2.50

Cheddar cheese £2.70

Roast gammon ham £2.80

Mushroom £2.70

Freshwater prawns  £3.00

Heritage special omelette 


Cheese with ham and mushrooms


Add a portion of chips to your omelette for just £1.00 extra


Extra breakfast items

Extra Breakfast items priced at 50p per item

Toast 30p per slice

Toast with choice of jams 40p per slice

Toasted teacakes 70p each

Portion of hash browns £1.00


Items on toast  

80p per round

(beans, tomato, egg, cheese, mushrooms)


Bowls of cereal £1.50 (please as for selection)


Bowl of hot porridge £1.50 (with honey or syrup)


Eggs are available as scrambled, poached, dry fried


All Breakfasts available with toast, bread or oatcakes

Please note beans and tomatoes on the breakfasts cannot be exchanged for any other breakfast items



(available on fresh cut white or wholemeal bread)

Cheddar cheese £1.60

Roast gammon ham £1.70

Cheddar cheese and ham £1.90

Mushroom and cheddar cheese £1.90

Onion and cheddar cheese £1.80

Cheddar cheese and beans £1.90

Add a fresh side salad for just 50p extra or chips £1.00


(Lunch)From 11.00am

Cold sandwiches  


(served with a crisp side salad and coleslaw)

Cheddar cheese, roast gammon ham, roast chicken breast, tuna mayonnaise or plain tuna

Add a portion of our chunky chips for just £1.00 or a packet of crisps for just 40p extra


House special paninis

All served with our famous chunky chips and dressed side salad


The heritage club special  


Chicken fillet, crispy bacon, tomato with mayonnaise


Cajun chicken 


Cajun marinated chicken fillet with our minted yoghurt dressing


Smoked bacon with brie and mushrooms  


Crisp smoked bacon with melted brie and mushrooms


Open steak panini  


A 4oz sirloin steak cooked how you like with fried onions and mushrooms


Freshwater prawns in our basil mayonnaise  


Freshwater prawns with cucumber and our own basil mayonnaise


New York chicken  


Chicken fillet with melted cheddar and barbecue sauce


Garlic mushrooms and melting brie 

£3.95 (v)

Flash fried mushrooms and onions with melting brie


All served with our famous chunky chips and dressed side salad



Oven roasted jacket potato

(All served with a crisp dressed side salad)

Plain and simple just butter £2.40

Melted cheddar cheese £2.80

Baked beans £2.80

Roast ham and melting cheese £3.10

Beans and melted cheddar cheese £3.10

Melted Cheddar cheese and onion £3.00

Chilli con carne £3.00

Freshwater prawn mayonnaise £3.00


Lunchtime quick fixes

Double egg with chips and peas £2.60

2sausage or 2bacon egg chips and peas £3.00

Our hand cut chunky chips £1.20 reg £1.80 large

Chips and cheese £1.50

Chips and gravy £1.50

Portion of onion rings (8) £1.00

Portion of garlic bread £1.00 with cheese £1.50

Fresh crisp side salad £1.00

Bread and butter 20p per slice


A few of our old favorites


Pan fried liver and onions 


Pan fried liver in a rich onion gravy with mashed potato or chips and garden peas


8oz griddled gammon steak  


Thick and juicy gammon steak served with chips 2 eggs and peas


Homemade pie of the day  


Homemade pie served with mashed potato or chips and garden peas


Battered cod  


Crispy battered cod fillet served with chips and mushy peas


Chilli con carne  


Chilli con carne with rice or chips and garlic bread


Chicken curry  


Indian style curry sauce with chunks of chicken breast served with

rice or chips and garlic bread


Fresh and Crispy dressed Salads  


Choose from one of our selection

Cheddar cheese, roast gammon ham, roast chicken breast, smoked bacon and brie, prawn with basil mayonnaise.

All served with buttered fresh cut bread


¼ Pounder Burger Menu

(All served with a crisp dressed side salad)

Plain and simple just onions £2.20

With melted cheddar cheese £2.50

Crispy bacon and cheddar cheese £2.80

Hot and spicy sauce with melted cheddar £2.50

Vegetarian burger £2.00

Crispy breaded chicken burger £2.20

Make your burger a double or add a portion of chips for just £1.00 extra


Drinks menu

English tea  

regular 60p large 80p

Tea infusions  

80p please ask for varieties

Nescafe gold coffee  

regular 60p large 80p


£1.00 served in a tall glass

Café latte  

£1.00 served in a tall glass

Cadburys hot chocolate  

£1.00 served in a tall glass


Why not add a flavour shot to your drink

Hazelnut, caramel 30p each


Heritage Special hot chocolate 


(whipped cream and marshmallows)


Heritage special cappuccino 


(whipped cream and marshmallows)


Canned Soft drinks  



Bottled water 

60p (still or sparkling)


Fresh juice 70p  

(please ask for varieties)


Why not try one of our liqueurs drinks

Irish whisky coffee  


French brandy coffee